Our Staff


Our Staff – Lummi Tribal Sewer and Water District

The District employs 94% Native Americans most of whom are Lummi Tribal members.  Our Water Department Manager, Victor Solomon,  has been with the District since our first day of operations, January 1983.


Interim District Manager,  Dale Andert

District Manager Executive Assistant

Coleen, Office Manager
Justina, Accounts Specialist
Tami, Accounts Specialist
Cathalina, Accounts Specialist

mailto: AR@LTSWD.com

Sewer Operations:
Brad S, Sewer Operations Supervisor
James S, Utility Operator
Ivan W, Utility Operator
Pete T, Utility Operator
Brian G, Utility Operator

Wastewater Operations:
Daniel J, Lab Technician/Utility Operator

Water Treatment and Operations:
Victor S, Water Systems Supervisor
James (Jim) Qway-Eleq G, Utility Operator