Single Family Residential

Collection Procedures for Past Due Accounts

Single family residential customers receive 600 cubic feet of water each month with the base service charge. The base charge is $27.43 per month for water, $42.79 per month for sewer, and $21.41 per month for sewer standby. Water usage above 600 cubic feet per month is charged at the rate of $2.33 per 100 cubic feet, plus taxes. (Last rate increases –¬† 2010.)

Lummi Tribal Sewer and Water District

Connection Fees

When a new water or sewer service is purchased then the owner is required to pay one time connection fee/s. The connection fee covers the fair share of buy in costs for existing wells, reservoirs, water mains, sewer lines, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. It is also used to fund major system improvements that are necessary due to growth in the service area. The District may assess higher connection fees where there is a greater need for fire protection,  unusually high water usage or where high strength sewage is generated. The connection fees and a $100 water meter installation fee and/or a $100 side sewer inspection fee are due when the service is purchased. A sewer and/or water Standard Participation Contract is signed at time of service purchase.

Charges are based upon one Equivalent Residential Unit. Contact the District as to how these rates apply to your specific situation.

Read more about new connections for water and sewer service.


Commercial and institutional customers monthly fees are normally charged based upon the size of the meter serving their facility. The table below has these standard charges. The District may assess higher monthly fees for facilities that use unusually high quantities of water or generate high strength sewage.When more than 600 cubic feet of water is used by a residence in a billing period it is billed at the rate of $2.45 per each additional 100 cubic feet. There are no additional charges for sewer. Commercial and institutional  services are charged when the usage exceeds 600 cubic feet at the rate of $3.47 for water for each additional 100 cubic feet and $5.31 for sewer per each additional 100 cubic feet.

Bills are due on the 25th of each month and are mailed the 10th of each month.