New Service

New Water and/or Sewer Connections

Information and documents for new sewer or water service connections.

Connection Fees

When a new water or sewer service is purchased then the owner is required to pay one time connection fee(s). The connection fee covers the fair share of buy in costs for existing wells, reservoirs, water mains, sewer lines, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. It is also used to fund major system improvements that are necessary due to growth in the service area.

Water connection fees are $2,500.00  plus a $100 water meter installation fee


Sewer connection fees are $2,500.00 and a $100 side sewer inspection fee.

Kindly refer to New Connection Procedures link below.

Charges are based upon one Equivalent Residential Unit. Contact the District as to how these rates apply to your specific situation.

New Connections Procedures

Permits and New Service Installation

Standard Water/Sewer Participation Agreement

Bonded Contractor Surety Bond

Bonded Side Sewer Contractor Master Application