2021 LTSWD Board Elections


Persons wishing to run for election for the Lummi Tribal Sewer & Water Boards  are:

Position Number 1.

                                                   Candidate:   Ron Morris Jr.

(Sewer Board Only) a potential candidate must reside within the Lummi Indian Reservation for at least the 90 days preceding the election and be registered to vote in the elections in the State of Washington.  Lummi Tribal Members are eligible for this position if they are registered to vote in the State of Washington elections.


Position Number 3

                                                 Candidate: Keith Tom

(Sewer and Water Board) a candidate must be a Lummi Tribal Member and registered to vote in Lummi Tribal elections.  This position serves on the Lummi Tribal Water Board and the Lummi Tribal Sewer Board.  Only Lummi Tribal Members may vote for this position.


Mailout ballots have been sent to all eligible voters and must be received at LTSWD by Tuesday November 2, 2021.   LTSWD representatives will have a table at Lummi Nation Administration Building 2665 Kwina Road, Bellingham, WA  for the General Election on Tuesday November 2, 2021.

 For any additional information please email:  leslyeo@ltswd.com


This notice was updated 10/22/2021